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health care entitlement programs and reform

HCS 455 Week 2 Complete Discussion 1. At the present time there is significant debate regarding health care entitlement programs and reform. How do national economic trends, indicators, and challenges apply to these issues and the direction of health care policy? Discussion 2. How do we decide and explain the value of spending on health care? Is there a difference when we are talking about private sector spending versus public sector spending? What should be the responsibilities of each person to provide for his/her own care? Individual Assignment – Policy Topic Search and Selection Use the following resources to select a policy topic: · Conduct an Internet search for key words such as health and health policy. · Review different topics and ideas at The Kaiser Family Foundation, Health Policy Topics List, June 28, 2010, available at: · Consider reviewing the tutorials and issues modules on this site. Use this policy topic for your individual assignments throughout the course. Write a 350- to 500-word summary on your selected policy topic and the stakeholders affected by the topic. Your stakeholders, for example, may be veterans, the elderly, HIV patients, or the uninsured. A minimum of two professional references is required. Note: You will need to find a policy that relates to your topic for the individual paper on policy development. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Learning Team Discussion Question Submit the Learning Team Charter. Members of the Learning Team Discuss the Weekly Learning Team Discussion Questions (Weeks 2-5). One member of the Learning Team posts the team response in the MAIN FORUM for review and discussion by the entire class. Also post a copy in the assignment area. What are the most urgent health care policy issues that must be addressed as society deals with issues challenging health care delivery, such as baby boomers, technology, ambulatory care, and disease management?

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health care entitlement programs and reform
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