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Focus on analyzing innovations with which you may be unfamiliar

Decision Support and Innovative Informatics Tools
“Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.” – Bill Gates (as cited in Frazer, 2007)
Technological innovations are dramatically changing how the health care industry operates. One example of this change is the transformation of gaming systems and virtual worlds into effective health care devices. Today’s gaming systems are capable of strengthening motor skills during rehabilitation, while virtual worlds promote a form of nonjudgmental communication and self-confidence for those patients who suffer from physical and mental limitations. Innovations such as these have been well received as they promote health in a positive and entertaining way.
In this week’s Discussion, you appraise how these innovations can enhance health care practices. Focus on analyzing innovations with which you may be unfamiliar. For example, you may choose to look at the fields of decision support, robotics, telehealth, and nanotechnologies.
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To prepare:
• Review the information and websites listed in the Learning Resources focusing on decision support and technological innovations in the health care field.
• Using credible resources, investigate decisions support systems or other innovations that are in their in today’s health care market.
• Select a specific technological innovation to share with your classmates.
• Develop a description of your selected decision support system or technology innovation as if you were making a presentation to an interdisciplinary team at your practice.
• Include the potential benefits and challenges that this new system could bring to health care practices and the effect it could have on outcomes.
By Day 3 post a cohesive response that addresses the following:
• Describe your selected technology, including when it was first introduced into the health care industry.
Assess the applications of the technology, noting the benefits and potential challenges of the innovation.
Appraise the potential of the innovation to improve health care practice and related outcomes.
Read a selection of your colleagues’ postings

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Focus on analyzing innovations with which you may be unfamiliar
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