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Discuss the regulation of electronic nicotine delivery systems

Choose ONE of the following topics:

1) A voluntary health warning scheme for alcohol containers was implemented in Australia in 2011. Discuss the merits and disadvantages of voluntary industry self-regulation as an approach to providing health warnings for consumers on alcohol containers. In addressing this topic, you will need to discuss the literature about voluntary vs mandatory approaches to public health regulation as well as the circumstances in which the voluntary scheme was introduced and the research evidence about its effectiveness. 

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Discuss the regulation of electronic nicotine delivery systems
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2) Discuss the regulation of electronic nicotine delivery systems (e-cigarettes) in Australia. (Note: you will need to consider regulation at both national and state/territory levels). To what extent is Australia's regulation of e-cigarettes consistent with the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control and the World Health Organization's report on Electronic nicotine delivery systems (submitted to the sixth session of Conference of the Parties to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2014)?

3) Choose a health-related profession that is not currently registered under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, such as social work, speech pathology, dietetics or audiology. Discuss the arguments for and against registration of this profession under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, in comparison with other regulatory approaches.

4) Victoria introduced a new approach to handling complaints about health services with the Health Complaints Act 2016 (Vic) and the establishment of the Office of the Health Complaints Commissioner in Victoria. How suitable is this approach as a model for other countries? Discuss with reference to a particular country which currently has a different process for handling health complaints. To address this topic you will need to analyse the key elements of the Health Complaints Act 2016 (Vic) and its applicability to the health system in the country you have chosen.

The assignment should follow an essay-style format with an introduction, body and conclusion. Sub-headings may be used but are not mandatory, and will contribute to the word count.

In this assignment, you are expected to read widely and cite a wide range of sources, including peer-reviewed literature (journal articles and book chapters) as well as relevant legislation, along with government reports and other grey literature where relevant. 
In-text referencing must be used, according to a recognised referencing style such as APA6. The list of references will not be included in the word count.

References acknowledge that part of your work is based on the work and material of others. Failure to acknowledge that some of your opinions and information have come from others may be regarded as plagiarism.

References show your reader the range and nature of your source materials. It is important that any reference you give to published sources provides sufficient detail to enable anyone to find the book or article you are citing.

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