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Current RN Workforce and RN Vacancy Rates Paper

Current RN Workforce and RN Vacancy Rates Paper

Primary goals of the FCN are to:

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Current RN Workforce and RN Vacancy Rates Paper
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Develop a strategic statewide plan for nursing manpower in this state.
Convene various groups representative of nurses, other health care providers, business and industry, consumers, legislators, and educators.
Enhance and promote recognition, reward, and renewal activities for nurses in the state.
For this project, you will use the link below to go to the FCN website and explore and review the types of information to be found there about the Florida nursing workforce. The website is easy to explore and contains several reports and a wealth of information about nursing in Florida. Suggested tabs to look for information are listed with the topics to review. You will write a short (2-3 pages max.) synopsis and discussion of the facts and information you find about:

1. Current RN workforce and RN vacancy rates (Statewide Data tab)

2. Projected demand for RNs in Florida and shortages (Forecast & Strategies tab, by 2025)

3. RN demographics and education levels (Statewide Date tab)

4. RN education levels and educational program enrollments

5. Nursing supply and demand information for the North Central Region of Florida or East Central Florida, depending on where you currently work (Regional Data tab)

6. Comment on the comparison of the nursing population to the general population of Florida (Statewide Date tab > Nurse Supply Reports > 5th section down the page)

7. Your thoughts on the meaning of this information for your future nursing career


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