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Australian Health Care System

HLTENN001: Australian Health Care System- Clinical Placement- Nursing Practice Assignment Help


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Australian Health Care System
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The student must show evidence of the ability to undertake nursing work in accordance with Nursing  and Midwifery Board of Australia professional practice standards, codes and guidelines during at  least 1 clinical work placement, and that they have worked effectively in the context of professional  nursing practice including:

performing 5 different professional interactions to demonstrate adaptation to nursing role and application of knowledge of nursing practice

Reflecting on the 5 professional interactions and identifying how nursing practice contributed to the personĂ¢â‚¬™s health outcome.

A person who demonstrates competency in these skills will be able to provide evidence of competency in  their knowledge of the Australian health care system and their role and scope of practice working in  the nursing profession. They will be able to provide health across the lifespan of people in a range  of health and community care services or environments.

Assessment Method 
Please read the following instructions about your assessment, as they will assist you to achieve the  required level of competency for this assessment. 
Consider the different professional interactions that are part of the day to day working environment  in Clinical Placement.

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