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A health care organization for which a friend or relative works

Your specific assignment for this module is to select a health care organization for your project and have it approved by your professor. You may consider any organization as long as you have enough access to the organization and/or level of understanding of that organization necessary to respond to the assignments. Note: You will not be asked to reveal any proprietary or confidential information in your reports. Most of your reports will be based on your research and observations.
Accordingly, your selected health care organization can be:

The organization for which you work.
A health care organization for which a friend or relative works. You must be able to access information concerning this organization that is relevant to your SLP assignments.
A local health care organization that is willing to share insight about how it manages health information.
Any health care organization that makes public its approach to health information management, operations, and organizational structure.

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A health care organization for which a friend or relative works
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Provide a brief one-page overview of the organization you have selected and describe the reason for your selection and/or your relationship to the organization.  Within the context of your selected organization, describe what affect clinical information systems have on patient care, safety, quality, and other outcomes.
SLP Assignment Expectations

Your references and citations should be consistent with a particular formatting style, such as APA.
Provide references from at least 3 scholarly articles.
Your response should be based on reliable and scholarly material, such as peer-reviewed articles, white papers, technical papers, etc. Do not include information from non-scholarly materials such as wikis, encyclopedias, or (or similar websites).
Your response should incorporate the outcomes of the module with the requirements of this assignment.

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