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Psychoactive Substance use in Mental Health

SNPG939 Psychoactive Substance use in Mental Health 
Assessment 2: Health Behaviour Change Diary Template 
As per the assessment 2 criteria, students are to document a health behaviour change diary. With this, you are to come up with a health behaviour they would like to change. Examples include, but are not limited to: weight loss, increasing exercise levels, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake levels, eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. 
You are to use the following template. You can copy and paste this template on to a blank word document for ease of filling in. Please ensure that you adhere to the requirements set out in the template. You are to upload the documented template into the drop box on the Moodle site labelled ‘assessment 2 submission’. 
SNPG939: Health Behaviour Change Diary Template 
Health behaviour I wish to change: 
How I will achieve this change (short and long-term goals, use the literature to guide you) 
Costs/benefits analysis of changing your behaviour (incorporate literature into this section, explain the costs/benefits analysis tool. You can insert your own costs and benefits table into this section) 
Impact of changing the behaviour on your lifestyle and health (explain how changing the behaviour will impact on your health and lifestyle, use literature to support your views) 
Record your progress on a weekly basis (provide a brief weekly record of how you are progressing with your behaviour change, i.e. obstacles, benefits. You can insert your own table into this section and document your record under the date of your entry) 
Provide a reflection on your change journey (1,500 words) (incorporate literature into this reflection, as well as document how you could use your experiences when working with a person who has a substance-use disorder who wants to change their substance-related behaviours. You can also put in YouTube clips or other resources if you feel this would enhance your reflection)

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Psychoactive Substance use in Mental Health
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