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peer response

peer response

1—– Implementing an evidence-based practice or program (EBP) increases the likelihood that students’ performance will improve. An EBP is one that is supported by rigorous research demonstrating its effectiveness and changes, even the most effective EBPs do not work for all or students. Further, the more practice or program implemented with fidelity as intended by the researchers or developers a higher likelihood that it will produce positive student outcomes. To judge my project made a difference in practice.
1. Systematically monitor one’s learning outcomes: The purpose of monitoring progress is to determine whether individuals are improving. One of the best ways to measure improvement is progress monitoring, a type of formative assessment in which learning evaluated regularly. Example, each week, comments and grades received from my professor.
2. Systematically monitor the reliability of implementation: The purpose of monitoring fidelity is to ensure that the EBP is being implemented as intended, which will increase the likelihood of improved younger student outcomes.
3. Examine the relation between learner outcomes and fidelity of implementation: The purpose of comparing the two sets of data is to determine whether the EBP is useful for students with whom you are working (
If commitment is high, increases in performance can be attributed to the evidence-based practice or project. Likewise, if fidelity is high and there is no change in performance, it can be inferred that the plan was not effective for those students. However, if loyalty is low, the relation between the practices of student outcome data would be unclear.

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peer response
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2—-One major thing to review is to see if the nurse navigation staff are actually doing the task to make the difference. Making the mini diabetic assessment a mandatory fill in area in the EMR would help with this compliance. Having a meeting after several weeks of implementation with the navigation staff would look at areas of difficulty and concerns with the new assessment. Getting nursing feedback would determine barriers and open the door to questions and concerns.

One way to evaluate whether the project made a difference is to look at the patient satisfaction ratings. We send each patient a survey after they’ve been discharged to describe their experience. If patients feel as though their needs have been met then one would see an increase in the satisfaction rating. One ratings system we review is the Press Ganey scores. They are reviewed every three months.


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