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Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs

The Process of Evaluating Staffing System in Ministry of National Guard – Health Affairs
Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA) is a governmental healthcare institution serving the population of National Guard employees and their dependents. At present NGHA is comprised of two major medical cities – King Abdulaziz Medical City, Riyadh and King Abdulaziz Medical City, Jeddah and three hospitals – King Abdulaziz Hospital, Al Ahsa, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal Hospital, Dammam and Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Hospital, Madinah. These hospitals are undergoing continuous expansion and NGHA has also 74 healthcare facilities kingdom-wide.
The Mission | Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs provides optimum healthcare to SANG personnel, their dependents and other eligible patients. MNGHA also provides excellent academic opportunities, conducts research and participates in industry and community service programs in the health field.
The Vision | Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs will be recognized as internationally acclaimed centers of excellence to enhance individual and public health status.
Core Values | Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs adheres to core values taken from religious, social and professional principles, abiding by:
• Respect religious and social values
• Patient safety and satisfaction
• Quality performance
• Respect and dignity
• Transparency
• Teamwork
• Productive work environment
• Accountability
• Behavior and work ethic
• Excellence and innovation
National Guard Health Affairs Culture
In any organization, a cultural concept forms its staff motivation and also governs relationships among them to distinguish its identity. Such concepts are positively or negatively reflected by the way the staff acts both in and outside the organization. In preparing this plan, it is important to highlight the positive cultural concepts built over NGHA history as well as to recognize cultural concepts that require development in order to be a part of NGHA dynamics.

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Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs
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