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Indigenous Australian clients

This report will allow students the ability to gain insight into the needs of Indigenous Australian clients within a community. It will allow students to explore Aboriginal health services and relate this to understanding of health policy and nursing behaviours.
Please explore one of the local Aboriginal Health Service (AHS) online (you will not need to physically go to the AHS, use the following webpages to review):

After reviewing one of the websites please answer the following questions using material and initiatives that the AHS are currently including as programs for their clients to evidence your responses:

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Indigenous Australian clients
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1. Explain the historical development of the health care facility. Link this to the historical development of AHS in Australia – (your textbook will assist in completing this question);
2. Outline the staff involved in the Centre (doctors, RN, Community health workers etc…). Explain the importance of inter professional practice in Indigenous health;
3. Clearly identify demographics for Indigenous people in the area the AMS services;
4. Review the programs offered at the AMS and explain how it represents culturally competent nursing care. Use supporting documentation to show how these initiative link with current national government strategies e.g. Close the Gap campaign;
5. Explore the communities’ history (referencing required). In your own words list at least three interesting facts about the local community (referencing not required and the use of “I” acceptable in this section);

Australian sources only please! not older than 3 years

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