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impact of health care systems on an organization

HCS 531 WEEK 6 The purpose of this Learning Team project is to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the impact of health care systems on an organization's capacity to delivery quality care. Each Learning Team should choose one significant trend and obtain faculty approval in Week Two. Complete your Evolution of Health Care Systems Presentation. Choose a non-hospital-based organization,physician practice, long-term care facility, home care agency, public health department, hospice, urgent care facility, or other. Prepare 12 to 15 MicrosoftâPowerPointâ slides with detailed speaker notes that explain the changes and the reasons for the change, including the following: • Description of the chosen organization, its location (rural or urban), and the services provided • Analysis of the interrelationships among key stakeholders, professional organizations, and health care professionals within the organization • Description of how technology has affected or could affect delivery, if applicable • Identification and discussion of the external and internal factors such as the environment, structure, finances, beliefs and values, policies affecting this organization • Description of the perceived or real impact on care delivery, including positive and negative impact • Evaluation of the impact of community health care needs on planning for the future • Why is the U.S. health care system where it is today? What has affected its evolution over time? • Discussion of the organization's future strategies to respond to this external or internal factor: Are there trends that will require the organization to respond to different factors in the future? • Recommendations for organizational improvement Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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impact of health care systems on an organization
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