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Identify the health theme and risk factors that contribute to the health issues- examples could be environmental, culture, socio economic- there are more

You can complete this Assessment individually or you can complete in pairs or a group of no more than 4 students. 
For this Assessment the following applies: 
• Assessments can be word processed. You must use: 
? Arial font 
? Size 12 
? 1.5 spacing 
• Handwritten assessments can be submitted in either blue or black pen. Do not submit an assessment that has white out or any other form of correction fluid/tape 
• Where applicable, reference any work that is not your own using the style described in the student handbook 
• Where applicable create a bibliography at the back of your work to show where you have accessed information used in your assessment 
• Make sure your name and student ID is on every sheet of paper of your assessment 
• If working in a group, ensure that you clearly identify the contribution made by each member of the group. If this is not completed, then the assessment will be sent back for resubmission. 
• Each member of the group must submit their own copy of the assessment w= 
• Submit your Assessment by the due date either to your Nurse Educator or to a member of the Administration team 
• Complete an Assessment Cover Sheet and attach it to your assessment 
Reasonable Adjustment 
CTA will make reasonable adjustments at your request to this assessment before the assessment commences. Reasonable adjustment will be made as per the information provided to you in the Student Handbook. Reasonable adjustment will not apply under the following circumstances: 
• Evidence of alcohol or drug misuse 
• Late arrival 
• Cheating 

Section 1 – Health Report 
In order to be competent in this assessment you must use your research skills to research the current health issues faced by a group in Australia. The group must be chosen from the following: 
• People with disabilities 
• Men 
• Women 
• Asylum Seekers 
• Homeless Men 
• Homeless Women 
• Children in Crisis housing 
There is not word count for this report, however ensure that for the chosen group you thoroughly answer each of the following points: 
• List the health issues faced by this group 
• Explain how the identified health issues affect the emotional and social well-being of the group 
• Identify the health theme and risk factors that contribute to the health issues- examples could be environmental, culture, socio economic- there are more 
• Linkages to other groups- are there any other groups who are faced with the same health issues- justify your response 
• What are the current Government initiatives that are addressing the identified health issues 
• What factors and resource constraints impact on the development of these initiatives 
• Are any of these initiatives non-western models of health care? Justify your answer 
• Evaluate the effectiveness of the initiatives- has there been a decrease in the numbers or eradication of the health issue? 
• How do the health issues faced by this group impact on nursing practice 
• If you were nursing a member of this group and their needs exceeded your scope of practice where could, or who could you refer the member of the group to? 
• List the professional organisations that provide professional development to address these health issues 
• Each person in the group to select 1 professional development (PD) activity and describe how they would participate in the PD 
Section 2 – New Immigrants 
You have been asked to write a short report for your employer about the health and illness issues faced by new migrants to Australia including those with disabilities. You know that most health and illness issues of new migrants are pre- existing, however some are new issues related to their recent arrival in Australia. In your short report- no more than 2 pages describe the following: 
• Health and illness issues facing people from other countries 
• How you would explain the term “principle of wellness” 
• How you would apply the wellness model of care appropriately to people with disabilities 
• Victoria standard of care for new migrants 
Section 3- Health Care environments 
Within Australia there are a range of health care environments, your task is to list all the different health care environments and provide a brief description of their purpose and what services they deliver. You are also required to list 4 strengths and 4 weaknesses of the Australian Health care system and in particular concentrate on the state of Victoria. The final part of this task is to choose 1 (one) environment and describe the audit and accreditation processes they have to go through and explain as a newly qualified nurse what you need to do to assist with the processes

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Identify the health theme and risk factors that contribute to the health issues- examples could be environmental, culture, socio economic- there are more
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