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Ethical descion making-Healthcare ethics

Write 2 page essay on the topic Ethical descion making-Healthcare ethics. This paper aims to show two ethical issues/dilemmas in the health care area discussing and identifying the conflicting interests and the applicable ethical theories and principles. The Ascension Health organization website will be used to gather information and ideas for this paper. Ascension Health is the nation’s largest Catholic and largest nonprofit health system, serving patients through a network of hospitals and related health facilities providing acute care services, long-term care, community health services, psychiatric, rehabilitation and residential care.The first case presented in this paper is about a rape victim who was brought to Freeman Hospital’s emergency room. The hospital authorities refused to disclose facts about the morning-after pill which the rape victim requested for information. The hospital authorities’ reason is that they are a Catholic Hospital and they are against abortion.The competing interest now is that the victim/patient has the right to make her own decisions regarding the treatment, and therefore, adequate disclosure of information must be provided so the patient can make an informed decision. However, the Freeman Hospital being a catholic institution refused to disclose information to the patient regarding the pill, claiming that they are against abortion or prevention and termination of pregnancy.

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Ethical descion making-Healthcare ethics
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