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Electronic Health Records Deliverable Length

Electronic Health Records Deliverable Length: 3 to 4 page document In recent years, many health care organizations have been making the switch from paper-based medical records to a paperless, computer-based medical records system. Opponents of a computerized system argue that there are too many security and confidentiality issues that can be created when using a computerized system. The health care organization you are working for is switching from a paper-based to computer-based medical records system. Your supervisor has asked you to summarize what an electronic health record (EHR) is, and to list the advantages and disadvantages of using EHRs. Assignment Guidelines: •Give a brief explanation as to what an EHR is. •What information is included in an EHR? •Briefly describe some advantages and disadvantages to using EHRs in a medical office. •Research an example of a medical office incorporating EHRs. How did it help them? Did it hurt them in any way? â—¦Properly reference your sources using APA format.View less »

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Electronic Health Records Deliverable Length
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