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Appraisal Synopsis

Appraisal Synopsis

1) Read the article. (attached)

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Appraisal Synopsis
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2) Critically appraise the article using the following components.

Components of Appraisal Synopsis:

What was the purpose of the study (research questions, purposes, and hypotheses)?
What was the study design?
How was the sample obtained?
What inclusion or exclusion criteria were used?
Who from the sample actually participated or contributed data? Was the sample size adequate? Explain.
What methods were used to collect data (e.g. sequence of events, timing, types of data, and measures)?
Was an intervention /treatment/clinical protocol tested? Explain.
What data analysis methods were used?
What were the main findings of this study?
Was this a credible study? Why? Why not?
3) Write a 3-page narrative plus the title, abstract (for your written paper), and reference page. Use APA format.

Title page
Heading: Purpose
Heading: Methods
Subheading: Study Design
Subheading: Sample/Sampling Methods
Subheading: Instruments/Measurements/Tools
Subheading: Data Analysis
Heading: Major Findings
Heading: Credibility
Reference page


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