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What has been happening to our longevity in the U.S.?

Questions related to 2 Videos on Public Health and Healthcare Costs you viewed:

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What has been happening to our longevity in the U.S.?
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1. What has been happening to our longevity in the U.S.? How do we compare to other countries? Who has been more affected, women or men in the last 20 years? Please offer why you think so.

2. Sweden invests in early life healthcare and the US invests in older life healthcare; that is a large portion of federal money is invested in opposite ends of the life span by these 2 countries. According to the video which country is seeing better results? Please offer your thoughts on this outcome.

Based on your readings in the Article Links section and Handouts:
1. What does “mindfulness” mean to you? Do you see a mindfulness playing a role in the professional life of healthcare providers? ** Please give an example of how you become more mindful in your life.
2 .Medical intervention has become so much more technological and costly than in the past, yet the overall health of Americans is not improving, but actually declining. In your opinion what factors do overall stress play? What role does over-treating play? What role does individual lifestyle choice play?

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