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What are the risks arising from this hazard and how were these risks assessed?


Submitted Assignment (50%)

Due Date:

Friday 1st June 2018 (± 10%) excluding reference list

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What are the risks arising from this hazard and how were these risks assessed?
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Submission Details:

Students should submit their work on Turnitin before 9:00pm on the due date. No Cover Sheet is required. Please ensure your name is clearly marked on your work.

Feedback Details:

Feedback will be provided through Grademark approximately 2 weeks after the date of submission.


This assessment task is directly transferrable to the workplace.


Occupational Health Management Plan

In this assessment task you are required to develop an occupational health management plan for an identified occupational health hazard in one identified workplace. This could include drugs and alcohol/ lifestyle issues (e.g., diet, cardiovascular health, smoking), as well as hazardous work such as radiation, noise exposure, heat stress, or infection by needle stick injury, as well as fatigue or mental stress. These suggested occupational health hazards are not limited to the above. Your assignment must compare, examine and critically discuss the literature for your selected topic. You may select your own topic, but please discuss your choice with your academic before you proceed.

The tasks required for this assignment and the points that should be addressed are as follows:

  1. An introductionwhich clearly and concisely summarises the assignment content and forecasts the substance of the full discussion in the body of the text.
  2. Details of the workplace; the physical space it occupies, the type of work, number of workers, worker profiles (e.g., gender; age, socio-economic background, experience, length of employment in the workplace, duration and frequency of exposure to the health hazard).
  3. Identify an occupational health hazard and associated risks at your selected workplace.

You should consider whether the related risk exposure is a result from work practices, materials used in the workplace or the type of work/ task exposure or the work environment including for example radiation, heat, psychological. Why it is an issue? In doing this you need to consider:

  • What are the risks arising from this hazard and how were these risks assessed?
  • What are the legal requirements and any ethical considerations?
  • Is change needed? Explain what the change/s may be.
  • Consider the current management/ control measures in place and the effect these have on eliminating or minimising the occupational health hazard.
  1. Detail the occupational health program you have chosen.
  • Identify & discuss the desired outcomes and the goals of the program
  • Identify and justify the activities that will be involved in developing and implementing the program
  • Detail how the program will be monitored and evaluated for success and how you would assess the effectiveness of the occupational health management program and
  • What methods/ tools you would use for undertaking the evaluation.
  1. Conclusions

A conclusion that summarises the main content of the discussion informed by the beginning of the process in the introduction where you initially outlined the content and discussion.

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