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Weekly Nursing Pediatric Clinical Journal

Weekly Nursing Pediatric Clinical Journal


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Weekly Nursing Pediatric Clinical Journal
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Through reflective thought the student will compare and identify how their activities and observations relate to various management theories.

Each student will submit a clinical journal for each day in the field. Describe your experiences and how they apply to nursing leadership and management. Apply at least one of the topics listed below to each entry, as appropriate. Journal entry should be between 100-500 words.

Apply the nursing process as it relates to theoretical principles in the nursing management of children and adolescents within the family system.
Integrate caring behaviors, critical thinking and clinical reasoning in the therapeutic management of the pediatric client and family.
Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions that are congruent with the cultural beliefs, traditions, and behaviors of families.
Incorporate research findings in care planning.
Appraise health policies and laws that impact pediatric nursing practice.

**** pick one of the following topics and evaluate on. Please no quotations, no references, just make it as simple and understandable as possible in your own words. It is just a reflective journal, just personal observation.***


Pediatric clinical last week:

I visited a mother with her child 3 years of age. I had to assess the environment, do vitals on the child and do a wellness check up. My biggest observation was that the child was not talking yet, not even a single word. He had some type of developmental delay. The boy was adopted and the family also recently moved to a new state. So many things going on, with mother going to school and pregnant at the same time. Boy was able to follow command, do as he was told, but just won’t talk yet.

How can i relate this to one of the questions above?? Choose one topic and integrate. Simple as possible.

Thank you.


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