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The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health

The Federal Health IT Strategic Plan has set forth the updated goals and objectives for 2015-2020. This six year plan involves five goals, beginning with the further implementation of electronic health records. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009 was passed around the same time the electronic health records (EHR) incentive programs were launching and, thus, they are similarly aligned (DeSalvo, 2015). EHR usage has blossomed since 2009, with over 400,000 hospitals and professionals are now using EHR programs for Medicare and Medicaid (DeSalvo, 2015). The new plan wants to spread the adoption of EHR all acrosshealthcare, especially those programs like behavioral health and long-term care who are ineligible for Medicare and Medicaid incentives (DeSalvo, 2015). This expansion would hope to achieve a universal communication system that would reduce costs and cure inefficiencies. The second goal is concerned with security of the electronic data. Having mass amounts of highly private data, including social security numbers, medical histories and current diagnoses presents a large security issue. The government is committed to develop policy and technology to both protect the individual fromcyber-attacks as well as disclosing of sensitive information electronically (DeSalvo, 2015). The patient must trust that their electronic records will only be reviewed by physicians or other acceptable professionals.
The third of the strategic plan is to strengthen the delivery ofhealthcare. Health IT is helping patients and families become fully aware of the care being provided and actively pushing to manage their own care (DeSalvo, 2015). This preventative step is supporting long-term care systems by ensuring more assessable care, making care safer and maintaining quality of care outside ofhealthcare institutions (DeSalvo, 2015). The fourth goal coincides with the third, pushing for the well-being of individuals and communities (DeSalvo, 2015). Giving a portion of the responsibility to the patients allows for increased impact of recovery and maintenance of health because the individual knows the outcome is partially their obligation. Healthcare is evolving to patient-centered visions to assist withhealthcare maintenance (DeSalvo, 2015). Then, public health entities can use this information to detect, track and manage disease outbreaks in specific areas, lending assistance to epidemiologists (DeSalvo, 2015). The final goal of the plan is to advance research, knowledge and innovation (DeSalvo, 2015). There is a mine full of data as more individuals use health IT. This can lead to scientific discoveries, quality improvement, enhance transitions and enable research on prevention and diagnosis of diseases (DeSalvo, 2015). Also, the more usage of the technology means more understanding of glitches, more feedback on the program and more information to improve the technology.
The goals and objectives set forth by the ONC have three to six year of outcomes that are attainable. The parameters of the plan have solid evidence-based need, ranging from security of electronic health data to implementing communication infrastructure across the health care continuum. With this plan in place, the ONC can focus on accomplishing smaller objectives to achieve larger goals, helping to maintain a level of flexibility within the plan. By using similar methods from the 2011 plan, the ONC is confident that, within six years,healthcare information technology will evolve thehealthcare environment to a safer, more reliable and produce higher levels of efficiency that will positively affect the entire healthcare industry.
HI I JUST NEED A REPLY TO THE ABOVE SOLUTION AND THE QUESTION FOR ABOVE SOLUTION IS Review this Federal Health IT Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020. the five goals and their associated objectives found in this plan, commenting on what they mean for healthcare. WE NEED TO SUPPORT THE SOLUTION AND ADD SOME POINTS MENTIONED.PLEASE I NEED 50 WORDS OR MORE WOULD BE GREAT.IN TEXT CITATIONS REQUIRED.THANK YOU

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The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health
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