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teen pregnancy in that state.

Assignment #3- Health Policy Regulations

Last week you selected the following 2 items and submitted them for approval:

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teen pregnancy in that state.
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(1) a topic related to health policy regulations from the list below.

(2) a State with a set of health policy regulations (NOT legislation) relating to the topic you selected

Assignment 3 Instructions

You will need to submit 2 documents for grading in Assignment 3:

(1) A summary document (like you did in Assignments 1 and 2) using the table format as specified below. Please make sure you follow the instructions and meet all the requirements and consult the grading rubric before you prepare your report. The contents of the table should be single spaced and total no more than 2.5 pages in 11 to 12 point font. Except in the case of titles, use complete sentences, i.e. write using narrative format. Include a cover page before the table, and a list of references in APA Format, after the table.

(2) A good copy of the State Regulation with 5 to 6 key aspects or notable parts of it highlighted or underlined or marked clearly. For each of the notable parts you have highlighted, describe in your report (above, in table format) how the patient, provider, product developer, health care organization and payer may be impacted.

Front-line workers are required to be immunized for influenza and potentially other contagious diseases. Where does this requirement come from and how does the state regulation ensure compliance?

Health professionals have responsibility for reporting elder and child abuse and neglect. How do state regulations help to meet this expectation?

Long-term care facilities must offer certain services according to state standards. What are they?

Some states have a certificate of need program to assess the need for new health service providers. How does this work?

Lead paint screening is a federal initiative that takes place in nearly every state, how are these services regulated on the state level?

Sexually transmitted diseases are reportable under state regulation. What diseases and what regulations ensure this reporting properly.

Parental notification is required for the treatment of minors. Select a state and indicate how parental notification related to teen pregnancy in that state.

Patients must consent to participate in research studies, including granting permission to use their biological tissues for tissue banks or organ banks. Does this involve state regulations if not what laws govern this?

Health insurance is administered on a state level. What state regulations govern Health Information Exchange? (Note you must select a state with a Health Information Exchange in operation or close to operation.)

Alcohol and drug treatment varies widely across states. Select a state and note the specific regulations about drug treatment facilities.

Student Name:

Type your name here.

Assignment #3 Title:

Provide a short name and the official title of the State Rules.

Agency Responsible:

Identify the state agency and subunit (such as a bureau or office) responsible for oversight of the rules.

Incentives and Enforcement:

What carrot (incentives) and sticks (enforcements and punishments) are noted in the regulations? Is there training for personnel? Technical Assistance?

Key Aspect of the Regulation #1:

How does this section of the regulation impact payers/insurers/health plans, health care professionals, health provider organizations, or health product developers?

Key Aspect of the Regulation #2:

Key Aspect of the Regulation #3:

Key Aspect of the Regulation #4:

Key Aspect of the Regulation #5:

Notated Copy of the Rules:

Attach the copy of the regulation that you have marked up. Underline, highlight or note key sections. Mark them (1), (2), (3), etc. You may use technology to mark up in PDF or print, handwrite and scan the rules. Attach when you submit the assignment.

All sections of Assignment #3 are required.View less ยป

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