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Hypothetical Family Health Promotion Assessment Purpose

Hypothetical Family Health Promotion Assessment
It is important to be familiar with frameworks that are commonly recognized and used to guide nursing practice. In Nursing 436, the Friedman Family Assessment Model

(FFAM) has been selected as one example of a guide for assessing the status of a family’s health. This assignment gives you the opportunity to show how the FFAM can be used as a guide to assess the health of the Morrison family in the novel, Crow Lake.

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Hypothetical Family Health Promotion Assessment Purpose
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Assignment Guidelines
• Friedman, Bowden & Jones (2003) outline six (6) assessment categories, and data to be collected within each, in Appendix A (long version) and Appendix B (short version). After reading about the Morrison family in the novel Crow Lake , select the two (2) assessment categories you perceive as most relevant for promoting their health. Provide the rationale for your selection.

• Using the short version of the FFAM as an organizational guide, identify the data from the novel that a nurse could use to complete the two selected assessment categories.
• Once the assessment data are presented, identify at least two and at most three priority family health promotion nursing diagnoses for the Morrison family that rise out of the assessment process. Provide the rationale for their selection as priorities .

Marking Criteria
• Assignment Guidelines are followed
• Critical analysis and synthesis of the content is evident
• Writing is succinct and clear
• APA (6th ed.) scholarly format is followed
• Assessment and identification of family health promotion nursing diagnosis is completed in 10 double spaced typed pages (excluding title and reference pages typed pages)

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