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Give some examples of how social media is being used in patient care

(9 Questions)

*What do you believe is on the horizon for patient portals and personal health records? For example, after reading the article by Baird and Nowak (2014), do you believe that primary care providers can or should become digital health information hubs for patients? Why or why? How will we manage the intersection of technology?

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Give some examples of how social media is being used in patient care
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*What IS social media within this arena (e-health, patient care, etc.)?

*Give some examples of how social media is being used in patient care. How are organizations using to reach and/or educate patients?

*What are the benefits and problems for utilizing social media in patient care?

*Management of social media for employees is always difficult. Draft a short social media policy statement that you might share with employees at your organization (or provide the one that you are currently using at your current organization). Include privacy and ethical concerns in that statement.

*What IS a ‘personal health record’? What IS a patient portal? Is there a difference? Why are organizations/providers adopting patient portals and encouraging personal health records? (5 points)

*What are the defined benefits and problems associated with personal health records and patient portals (provide for both)? (5 points)

*As future leaders and providers of healthcare, what impact will increased awareness (consumers coming armed with information from the Internet) have on your practice and/or ability to deliver/lead healthcare? (5 points)

*How might we educate patients on finding reliable patient education and resources on the Internet? How might we engage them to utilize a designated patient portal sponsored by our organizations?View less »

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