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Data integration demo. In this demo, there are two data source files provided to you by your Lecturer

Case Study: Victoria Health – Digitising Health

After evaluating various platforms, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (Vic Health) finally decided to adopt a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for its future IT infrastructure. Vic Health was impressed with your Template based, Reference Architecture approach set out in your Task 1 Report and has accepted your recommendations regarding Application and Service Integration. However, Vic Health Executives would like to gain a deeper understanding of:

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Data integration demo. In this demo, there are two data source files provided to you by your Lecturer
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– Computing and storage infrastructure design, 
– Information integration, and 
– Technologies behind your recommendation regarding Application and Service Integration and have asked for a small specific demonstration of these technologies along with a brief explanation of the concepts and principles of how it works.

There are 2 parts to this Assignment:

Part 1 – Integration Demo

Because Vic Health have medical practice related applications in many health practices around Victoria, Vic Health Executives would like a demonstration of a web service to help Vic Health employees and the Victorian public to find health practices within Victoria. The demo enables Victorian users to browser search the locations of medical practices in Google Maps using a postcode and retrieve an example of town information along with the map. You are required to use the specific data provided to you by your lecturer / tutor (there will be a 0 (zero) mark for this section if you don't use the data provided by your lecturer / tutor). There are three major components in the demo system:

1. Data integration demo. In this demo, there are two data source files provided to you by your Lecturer / Tutor: 
– ‘Vic_Health_Care' contains the information about fictional health practices, and 
– ‘Vic_Locations' contains the information about the location coordinates for towns with health practices. 
A Python scrip file with the name ‘' should be implemented to read these two data files. Using the Python petl framework you are required to output the merged data into a CSV file with the name ‘practice_locations.csv'.

2. RESTful Web service server demo. In this demo, you are required to build a RESTful Web service which supports a ‘getlocation' query from the client browser similar to ‘/getlocation?postcode=xxxx'. The server Web Service will return a JSON object with four attributes (practice name, latitude, longitude, town name and state). The data for this JSON object will be retrieved from the ‘practice_locations.csv' file you created in component 1. The Python Bottle framework is required for this implementation. A Python scrip file with the name ‘' will contain this RESTful Web Service Demo.

3. Mashup demo. In this demo, you are required to build a mashup application which accepts a postcode as the input. If a health practice in that suburb can be found, then its location is displayed in Google Map. Otherwise, a default clinic is displayed. A HTML file ‘practice_map.html' should be implemented. In this file, a text field is provided at the page top to accept user's input of postcode. In addition, a Submit button will trigger the ‘getlocation' Web Service to retrieve its corresponding latitude and longitude, and highlight and centre the location in Google map.

In addition to highlighting the positon on the map, a user is able to click on the marker bubble and see an information window containing suburb / town specific information or a link to that information.

Two Very Important Notes:

1. You MUST use and incorporate the specific ‘Vic_Health_Care' and ‘Vic_Locations' data files provided to you by your Lecturer / Tutor. There will be a mark of 0 (Zero) awarded for this demo section if your solutions do not use the specific data files provided to you by your Lecturer / Tutor.

2. For ease of demonstration to Vic Health executives, your code must be self- contained and run easily in PyCharm. In addition to using Standards based HTML and Python, the Python modules ‘petl', ‘Bottle' and ‘parser' are the only additional frameworks you should need. ALL required files must be provided with your submission and should not require any extra installation.

Part 2 – Integration Report

In addition to the above Demo code (60%) you are required to include a Report (40%) Based on Task 1 case study explaining the key concepts for: 
– The demo design and implementation (including instructions on running your code). 
– Computing and storage infrastructure design, and 
– Information integrationView less »

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