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Child Birth Classes Presentation

Child Birth Classes Presentation

EDITION Foundations of Nursing Cooper Gosnell EVOLVE STUDY RESOURCES FREE WITH NEW TEXTBOOK PURCHASE EVOLVE.ELSEVIER.COM ELSEVIER e Box 25-14 Pregi M . Areas Typically Discussed in Childbirth Preparation Classes • A review of reproductive anatomy and physiology Physical and emotional changes commonly observed during pregnancy • Fetal growth and development • Nutrition • Routine aspects of prenatal hygiene and exercise Danger signs during pregnancy • The birth process, both vaginal and cesarean Analgesia and anesthesia during labor and delivery • Care of the newborn infan: • Selection of infant feeding roethods Sibling preparation Changing family dynamics Postpartal exercises pr gi es ta dc • B m or . nd th • A ca pr W HE th WE m • Vi ag re m • E pr lat m pri • SC tha tra ma ea or FIGURE 25-8 Entire family participating in a childbirth preparation course. (From Lowdermilk DL, Perry SE: Maternity and women’s health care, ed 9, St. Louis, 2007, Mosby.) ex 3 Il lui TUIU у Рог со learning. course. (From Lowdermilk DL, F health care, ed 9, St. Louis, 200 From Perry S, Hockenberry M, Lowdermilk D, et al.: Maternal-child nursing care, ed 5, St. Louis, 2014, Mosby. CHILDBIRTH PREPARATION CLASSES Communities often have a variety of courses that com- plement one another and meet the differing needs of specific segments of the population (Figure 25-8). Some classes are general, whereas others are targeted toward specific groups such as adolescents, those having cesarean or vaginal birth after cesarean delivery, sib- lings, or grandparents (Box 25-14). Common methods of prepared childbirth include Dick-Read, which focuses on progressive relaxation techniques and avoidance of analgesics; Bradley, which stresses control of environmental factors, such as light- ing, temperature, and noise, to provide a calm, sup- portive environment for childbirth; Leboyer, which uses a warm water bath to reduce the trauma of birth; and Lamaze, which uses breathing, distraction, and focusing techniques to mentally control pain and re- quires disciplined training throughout the pregoency. The Patient Teaching box on safety during pregnancy provides activity and environmental guidelines. V Patient Teaching Safety During Pregnancy Changes in the body as a resu of joints, alteration of the cer comfort. Problems with coorc Therefore, the woman should Use good body mechanic Use safety features on to shoulder harnesses, head specified. Avoid activities that require concentration. Take rest periods; resched and relaxation needs. CULTURAL VARIATIONS The practitioner must det practices and beliefs wit Considerations box, see sion of the cultural aspect

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Child Birth Classes Presentation
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