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Apaformat reference page

Apaformat reference page

Discussion board reply Reply 1 (200-250 words) (experimental study)-2 references peer review articles This study could have been designed as more of an experimental study. There could have been randomized sampling from multiple outpatient clinics and a control group could have been included. Randomization and random sampling would provide researchers with the sense that there is enough variety in their groups and that their theory could be generalized to the whole patient population easier. Having a control group included in the study to compare intervention results to would help to further prove that the intervention is effective. Reply 2 (125 words)-2 references (adults abuse vs pediatric abuse) peer review articles If this were a 75-year-old adult who fell down the steps, there certainly would not be as many red flags as there were in this case. Get an x-ray of the patient’s arm, UA of her liver to ensure there was no laceration, or active bleed. Consult social service to make an in-home visit to determine if there is anything that can be done to prevent further falls. Also, I would consult orthopedic surgeon for casting and to follow the adult to ensure the bond heals correctly.

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Apaformat reference page
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