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An explanation of how robots and artificial intelligence can benefit hospitals

2 Assignment IT/200 Mobile Devices and Social Media and Medical Technologies

1. Assignment Mobile Devices and Social Media

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An explanation of how robots and artificial intelligence can benefit hospitals
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The local Chamber of Commerce has asked you to speak at the next meeting on your business' successful social media campaign. They asked you to specifically touch on how social media can be used to make potential customers aware of what the company has to offer.

Create a 1-page outline of your speaking points on this topic.

Include the following information:

·         Benefits of social media

·         How social media can be used to promote a company's services

·         Brief examples

Make sure you put this in an outline format–This is bulleted format–not a written paper

provide a cover sheet and references

2. Assignment Medical Technologies

You are hired as a research coordinator by the new hospital in town. One mission of the hospital is to work hard in preventing health issues by using new technologies created by health conscious engineers. Your task is to review health-related videos and articles and provide a summary of current technology being used in the medical field to prevent health issues for the hospital stakeholders.

Your summary must include:

·         A summary of at least three health-related technologies

·         The advantages of each one, including how it helps in preventing a health issue

·         An explanation of how robots and artificial intelligence can benefit hospitals

Choose one of the following options for your summary:

·         A 2- to 3-minute podcast using the software of your choice, such as Sound Recorder or Audacity to create your audio file and save as a MP3 or WAV.

·         A 2- to 3-minute video delivered as an MP4 or MOV file.

·         Infographic delivered as a PDF.  You may use any Microsoft® Office product or free sites such as Piktochart,, or Canva to create an infographic


1.    Overview–Provide an overview/intro  that outlines the key elements in the podcast, infographic, presentation —

2.    State the Health Related Problems you are addressing—

3.    State your three solutions and how they will improve health issues 

4.    Explain How Robots and artificial intelligence benefit hospitals–

5.    Conclusion–

6.    Reference–

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