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In my field of work, they said losing someone is painful because we “do not want to be separated from our friends and family, even if it means moving on to a better life” (Shelly & Miller, 2006). According to Shelly & Miller, (2006), “regardless of how much we love and trust God, most of us fear death”. As for me, I don’t want to witness death, but in our line of work whether you like it or not, witnessing death is inevitable.

In my nursing career, I seldom encountered or witness death maybe 2 or 3 times. One that is lingering to my memory is the 80-year-old woman who was very pleasant and communicative. In my three days of taking care of her, every time I administered her medicine, she started to tell me a story and asked me how I am and my family, and then she started to tell me a story about her herself and her family. I don’t know why I enjoy hearing her stories and our conversation. That is why, I always put her at last list in giving medication. She said, she was ready to face her creator that why she doesn’t want any measures to revive her in case she is dying. I enjoyed listening to her stories because it reminds of my late grandmother who also loved to tell me stories when I was small kid. She has also had resemblance of my grandmother who was thin and skinny and always have smile on her face. On the third day of my shift, she said she was sad because she missed her son who lives in California, who cannot visit her because he was also sick, but she countered not to worry and continue her story about her family. That night, we ended our conversation with happy thoughts and smile on our face and I told her that she will home soon and see her son. At past midnight, our tele tech. called me to check Room 7 for asystole. I hurried went to the room and check on her and found that she was already gone. I was so sad and cannot explained the feeling as if I lose someone who was dear to me. I called her family to informed of them that she passed away. When her family came, I stood beside them and silently prayed for eternal repose of her soul. In the end, I know that she left this world in peace and smile on her face.

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As a Christian, we often fear of death because it is painful and hard to lose our beloved, even though we know it is the end of their suffering and hardship. My experience in witnessing death, reminds me that life is short and anything can happen even in the midst of life, that is why we should love one another and enjoy our family and life because we never knew when death will come.


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