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Analyse health information

HLT51612 Diploma in Nursing 
HLTAP501C Analyse health information 
Body System Disorder 40% 
Student will be required to research a disease / disorder relating to a body system that has been discussed within this unit. 
Student will need to set out the assignment as follows: 
• Introduction to the disease 
• Set the body of the assignment under each heading of the ‘key areas to be covered’ as set out below. 
• Name and student ID displayed on the footer of each page. 
The specific date of your assignment will be confirmed by your teacher. 
Key areas to be covered: 
1. The occurrence of the disorder (Occurrence = Patterns and frequency). 
2. The aetiology of the disorder (Aetiology = All the factors involved in causing the disease). 
3. The clinical presentation of individuals with the disorder = manifestation (signs and symptoms of the disease). 
4. The nursing interventions utilised to manage and/or alleviate the disorder (use nursing diagnoses to guide your interventions and the rationale for these interventions. 
5. The medical, allied health management including health education. 
6. Relevant health and community services/agencies available to support individuals and/or their families with this particular disorder. 
You may like to collect relevant brochures, pamphlets and other primary health material relevant to this disorder and submit them into your Portfolio Presentation. 
Word Count: approx. 500 words 
Referencing: Harvard Referencing System 
Due date: 27/1/15 
HLT51612 Diploma in Nursing 
HLTAP501C Analyse health information 
STUDENT NAME: _____________________ DATE: __________________ 
STUDENT GROUP: ____________________ ID NO: ___________________ 
Assessment Criteria 
Allocated marks Mark achieved 
1. Introduction / definition 2 
2. Occurrence of the disorder 2 
3. The aetiology of the disorder 

4. Clinical presentation 

5 Therapeutic and nursing interventions 
6 Medical allied health and nursing interventions 

7. Relevant health and community services 3 
Presentation (spelling and grammar) 

40 Marks 

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Analyse health information
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