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What is stigma and how affect clients with mental illness

Part A: Working in the mental health sector Prepare a short presentation plan for a group of new counsellors. Imagine you have been asked to give a presentation to inform the counsellors how changes in the mental health sector have led from institution-based care to the development of the recovery model and community care. Write some notes in preparation for your presentation. Briefly outline: ? The evolution of modern forms of treatment and care. ? The recovery model and its objectives. ? Working with people at risk of self harm. Ensure that you include the following points: ? How changing community attitudes on mental illness have informed the treatment and care of clients. ? What is stigma and how affect clients with mental illness. ? How current models of mental health service delivery promote client advocacy and consumer participation. ? The objective of recovery programs and how they benefit individual clients. ? Practises related to working with people at risk of self harm, considering duty of care. ? How current models for mental health service delivery promote and protect client rights. ? How the community aids delivery of services to clients. Write approximately 30 words for each point Part B: Developing knowledge of mental health work Answer the questions below: ? Briefly describe two (2) of the current issues affecting mental health work? Write approximately 50 words ? How can state or territory Mental Health Acts support people with mental illness? Write 30 – 50 words ? Who can provide you with information about the mental health sector? Write approximately 30 words ? How can you collect information from a client, whilst respecting their personal and legal rights? Write approximately 30 words ? What aspects of the legal system make decisions on behalf of the client, to determine how to protect and advocate for a person with a mental illness? Write approximately 60 words ? List the two (2) Acts ensure that personal information is kept private, confidential but also ensure transparency and disclosure take place? Write approximately 30 words ? In your own words give a brief explanation for each of the following: ? Carer’s Recognition Act ? Criminal Law (Mentally Impaired Defendants) Act ? Equal employment opportunity principles ? National Mental Health Service Standards and National practice standards for the mental health workforce ? United Nations Principles for the Protection of Persons with Mental illness and the Improvement of Health Care ? Available government benefits in areas such as housing and accommodation and finance ? Early intervention ? Facts/myths about mental illness and psychiatric disability ? Principles of clinical governance ? Legal system ? Regulations and guidelines regarding the handling of medication Write approximately 30 words per point for question 7.
 Part C: Committing to the philosophies and standards of working within the mental health sector Describe how you demonstrate a commitment to the values of the mental health sector. In your writing address the following points: ? Your understanding of the underpinning values and philosophy of the mental health sector ? Your commitment to access and equity principles ? The methods you would use to ensure clients are empowered and participating in service delivery ? Your personal values and attitudes in regard to mental health and illness ? How counselling features in the recovery model and client centred holistic care. Write approximately 50 words for each point in Part C Part D: Working with people with mental health including people from different backgrounds and cultures Write a short report on two (2) specific mental illnesses such as; depression, schizophrenia, dementia or obsessive compulsive disorder. Use appropriate sub headings for each section of the report. For example: Mental Illness; Services for all; Indigenous Australian’s needs. For both of the mental illnesses that you have chosen: 1. Briefly describe the illnesses Write 50 – 100 words 2. Pick one of the mental illnesses you have written about in Question1. Research what services are provided to clients with this mental illness and what support is available for clients from different cultures. Write approximately 50 words 3. Gather information specific to the needs of people from an indigenous Australian culture who have the mental illness. What are some special needs to consider? How might you meet these needs? Write approximately 100 words 
 Part E: Sustainability Consider the four areas of sustainability: environment, economic, social and workforce. How you can contribute to sustainability in your role as counsellor? List one (1) way for each area. Areas of sustainability Ways you can contribute Environment-ways you can contribute Economic-ways you can contribute Social -ways you can contribute Workforce- ways you can contributeView less »

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What is stigma and how affect clients with mental illness
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