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The Impact Of Vitamins D On Primary Osteoporosis On Woman

The paper should

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The Impact Of Vitamins D On Primary Osteoporosis On Woman
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1.    Give an overview over questions currently investigated regarding the nutrient of choice, with detailed description of areas where the disease process is affected,

2.    Explain research results described in the literature and the methods used to obtain those results,

3.    List open questions that need to be addressed by research,

4.    Suggest a protocol to examine one of the open questions (see below),

5.    List all references, including at least 5 articles of original research on the topic,

6.    Be presented with visual support on no more than 15 power point slides, made available on the discussion board in the appropriate forum,

7.    Be handed in electronically as .pdf or Word document, typed with cover sheet on or before the due date. Articles that are not freely accessible must be handed in as .pdf files accompanying the main document

8.    For the protocol suggestion,

9.    Use the format of a research article (read one for an example):

10.The literature research will provide the background,

11.Suggest a null hypothesis and a working hypothesis,

12.Include 3 specific aims you want to achieve with the study, (i.e. questions that have a yes/no answer, and the answer will be provided by the tests you suggest. This part is very similar to the results part of a research article)

13.Suggest a design (statistical details not required), including, but not limited to, population, subdivision into groups, assays, and the data to be collected, to disprove the null hypothesis

14.For intervention studies, the intervention must be included,

Explain how to analyze results to achieve your aims. 

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