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Media/Digital Literacy and an interview

Question Description

Mid-term Project/Assessment:

Please submit your Mid-Term Project here. Before you do so, please double check that you have completed all of the required components and that you have used APA style appropriately.

Mid-term project

Your mid-term project is due in module 3.
Select one of the following project options:

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Media/Digital Literacy and an interview
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Option One
Traditionally this project has asked you to design 8-10 interview questions to use when you interview a professional working in your content area. For example if your content/certification area is biology, you could interview someone in health care; if your field is LOTE you could interview a person who uses fluency in Spanish or French in his/her job.


  • Your interview questions
    • Grounded in the standards set forth by New York State and/or your professional organization in your content area you feel this assignment pertains to
    • A three to four page reflection on what you learned about how 7-12 literacy as outlined in your content standards translates to the reality of being career ready.
    • What aspects of content area literacy does the person you interviewed use that may not be covered in the K-12 standards-based school experience?

      Option Two
  • Media/Digital Literacy
    • This is required to be woven throughout your MATP portfolio. Can you think of a way you can highlight creative ways that students in your content area can be involved in literacy?
    • Production is key here; watching a power point or using a SmartBoard really does not get at the heart of being career ready in terms of digital media literacy.

      Option Three
  • An artifact (website/ blog/ lesson plans….)
    • The CCSS in your discipline this digital/media work (project) addresses
    • A three to four page reflection paper where you discuss how this artifact meets the CCSS (or national/state/local content standards) and how this helps deepen your understanding of digital/media literacy in order to prepare your students to be ready for college, careers, and life.

      Option 4
  • Design your own mid-term
    • Project/concept must be approved by the course instructor no later than February 4, 2019
    • You need to tie this to the CCSS or the state, national, local standards in your content area
    • It must demonstrate your appreciation of literacy in your content area
    • It must include a 3-4 page reflective paper or analysis on the project and how this relates to the CCSS and literacy in your content area.
  • Important note:
    • Whatever you do for your mid-term project it should be a meaningful learning experience for you that allows you to showcase your understanding and appreciation of literacy in your content area. This should not be an exercise in busy work.

Possible ideas

  • Approach this as a mini-unit plan (1 week), a slice of a longer unit plan), or an extended lesson.
  • Perhaps you have created a bolg or website in another MAT course. Can you expand on this as well as reflect on how it is either helping you to gain a deeper understanding of using your content area standards in your planning and/or how it is helping your students become college and career ready?
  • Is there a book related to content area literacy you would like to read and write a book review on?

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