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Fraud and abuse by medical and health care providers.

150 words per question 

* no plagerism please as my school is very strict* 

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Fraud and abuse by medical and health care providers.
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1- Class,

Chapter 6 addresses the issue of fraud and abuse by medical and health care providers. But, what about the older health care consumer? What is his or her responsibility to help reduce and defer fraudulent billing? 

The Social Security Act includes provisions to reduce the incidence of fraud in government funded health care programs provided to older adults.

Medicare Fraud is a multi million dollar problem. 

What measures can the older consumer (or caregiver, POA, etc)  take to help reduce the incidence of Medicare Fraud in billing? List 2 examples

2-  Class,

The VHA has a responsibility to provide LTC for qualifying veterans. 

Review the text and additional reading material and  learn about options a Veteran may have for care under VHA. 

Peruse the link below: 

List and describe in detail 2  specific examples of long-term care services and support available to veterans through the VA 

**If you are currently working in a LTC setting – does your facility have VA contracted beds? 

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