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Diet intervention in treatment of diseases

Diet and Disease blog

We have been learning about many facts about nutrition. This assignment is designed for you to apply this knowledge to a disease that is treated with diet intervention.  

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Diet intervention in treatment of diseases
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There are a number of diseases that are treated with a diet.  Diet is included as treatment is some of the most common diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, celiac disease, and irritable bowel syndrome.  However, other conditions such as epilepsy and arthritis can also benefit from dietary modification. There are other conditions such as cancer that often require diet modifications during treatment (such as chemotherapy)

For this assignment choose a disease that you find interesting 

Then find valid information about how diet is used in the treatment of the condition.  Make sure you use 2 sources of VALID information from at least 2 different sources.  One source needs to be a peer reviewed article from a medical journal.  

Your blog should include: 

  1. Summary of the disease, include what it is and how many people are affected
  2. Summary of the major principles of the diet that is recommended for the condition. 
  3. Summary of importance and effectiveness of diet in treating the condition
  4. Reference list with citations in APA format.

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