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Why do entrepreneurs mostly start small businesses?

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Each question should be approximately 1 page long

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Why do entrepreneurs mostly start small businesses?
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Note: you must have 2 internet references for your answers to each question. They must be listed at the end of your paper in a bibliography.

  1. Planning is difficult for several reasons. One is that it requires a future goal or objective that must be reached in a given time period. Another is that it requires the planner to project what is likely to happen in the future, which is always difficult. And it requires people to believe in the plan enough to make it happen. What can you as planner do to address these issues?
  2. Why do entrepreneurs mostly start small businesses? Some new business startups, however grow very quickly and become large in a very short time, such as Uber. How do you account for the difference between small business startups that stay small, and small business startups that become large businesses quickly?
  3. The environments within which a business operates need to be monitored and adapted to by the business. But there are some environmental factors that can be directly impacted by the manager. What are those and how can a manager impact them?
  4. Organizing is the process by which the firm develops a structure within which to carry out its operations. But sometimes the structure is insufficient to process the various tasks that the firm needs to carry out. The most basic factor is a new strategy that requires a new structure. Should the business manager adapt the structure or adapt the strategy to meet the newly emerging needs?
  5. Culture is an organizational feature. How can you know a culture before you join the company and work for it and then find that the culture is something you cannot believe in or support? Remember that everyone you, the person being hired, and he/she the hiring officer are on their best behavior to be likeable, friendly, helpful at interview time, maybe not so much later. Better to be able to predict in advance, but how?

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