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Should vaccines for hospital staff be mandatory?

Question Description

Choose one (1) of the following topics for your legal research paper.

  • Should vaccines for hospital staff be mandatory? This could be legally (state, federal) or by hospital policy—discuss both. Discuss all viable options and sides.
  • Should “granny cams” in nursing homes be permitted, protected by law, and what, if any, rules or regulations should be put in place. Discuss all viable options and sides.
  • Should the Epipen be price-regulated (if so how)? Discuss all viable options and sides.

A legal topic in public health law must be researched, written in a 5-7 page paper. The paper should investigate all sides to the issue(s).

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Should vaccines for hospital staff be mandatory?
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As noted above, your paper should include the major arguments for and against the policy you are investigating. Deductions will be made if a paper only shows one viewpoint. In addition, papers will be graded on form. Writing style, spelling and grammar, is expected to be at the graduate level.

Papers are to be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font with normal 1-inch margins. You should follow APA citation style — do not make your own style – it is not fair to those who make good effort and take time to correctly cite.

Sources cited should be reputable sources (not Wikipedia) that are respected by academic scholars. (No Wikipedia or blogs (except respected reputable blogs, like New York Times, Washington Post).

Remember this is a law course and policy analysis and recommendations should utilize the law (the text book is a good place to start, but you will need to do additional research). Do not simply give me your personal opinion with no source support. One case may be a start, but you need to have other legal cases or other law sources for analysis. How you structure the actual analysis is flexible (e.g., one possible avenue is to provide one side and relevant law and/or cases and regulation, then the other side of the issue, with the relevant law/cases/regulation).

Although it is difficult to state the exact number of sources as the subjects are different, this is a graduate research paper so at least 5 sources should be utilized for this size paper (as noted before, this is not a case brief, so even if you have a main case, you should bring in how other courts handled the same or similar matters or parts of those matters).

You should bring in original legal sources if applicable. Also, as you know how to analyze the case itself (and brief it), you should use and cite the case itself as a primary source. This is a graduate paper.


Problems in Health Care Law: Challenges for the 21st Century (10th edition, 2014) by John E. Steiner (Jones & Bartlett Learning, publisher). (You can buy the text anywhere you want, butwhen buying this text new or used, please ensure that you have the correct year/edition.)

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