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Research in clinical trials

week 1 discussion 

 Research is used in my facility. The type of research used in my facility is mainly is clinical trials. This is different from other nursing roles in that the nurses like myself focus on taking care of patients using the knowledge and skills that we have gained through college and on the job training, etc. And we use evidence-based practice to administer care for the best proven outcomes. On the other hand, “A clinical trial is a controlled research study that evaluates the safety and benefits of new medications or medical devices” (Mangel, 2017).

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Research in clinical trials
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         My hospital’s healthcare system has a research institute which is the centralized research facility serving all the five hospitals in the Wellstar health System. The institute offers progressive top of the line therapies to patients and contributes to the advancement of medical science. It is beneficial to patients, physicians, the community and society as a whole. The institute supports doctors and others who conduct the research, as well as patients who receive new drugs, devices and procedures through clinical trials. According to Mangel (2017), “Some drugs and therapies being studied have not yet been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. But they have been approved for human trial and are believed to be better, more effective or result in fewer side effects than existing treatments.” All research performed at WellStar is approved by an Institutional Review Board for oversight of all trials. 

Re        Research is an important component of clinical practice because it provides a foundation for clinical decision-making. It gives nursing care has a scientific base, and helps to save cost for interventions.  Evidence based practice proves that there is professional accountability for the work that we take on, and the knowledge gained from research can be put to practice for better health outcomes

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