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Providing medication teaching

Question Description

Module 10 Case Study

Mary G. is an 85-year-old Latin-American widow with COPD, hypertension, and is hard of hearing. She is at the clinic today with a daughter, who lives next door, because she is having increase shortness of breath, gained 5 pounds in a week, has swelling in her ankles, and jugular vein distension. The physician suspects Mary may be going into congestive heart failure and has added a new medication and wants to see Mary back in two weeks.

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Providing medication teaching
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Mary’s current medications:

Albuterol MDI, 2 puffs, every 4 hours as needed for shortness of breath

Tiotropium, inhale one capsule daily

enalapril maleate, 5mg PO, daily

New medications:

Furosemide, 20 mg, PO daily

You are being asked to provide medication teaching before Mary leaves the clinical. Please answer the following questions in an APA style paper.

  1. List the goal for this teaching/coaching plan
  2. Describe three teaching resources
  3. Identify the teaching strategies that can be used
  4. List the specific instructions that may be needed regarding her medication and what adverse reactions to be aware of/and what to do
  5. Identify two factors that may negatively influence adherence to the medication and how they can be overcome
  6. Describe how to include the family
  7. Provide information on how and when she should seek support and help

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