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Is representative democracy a justifiable form of democracy?

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Its a term paper worth 30% of total so it should be cited with a bibliography in the author-date chicago style and must be 2250 to 2500 words should not use headers or footers.

and also plz read all the instructions carefully.

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Is representative democracy a justifiable form of democracy?
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The department of political science expects students to engage in quality research and to utilise appropriate academic sources. To this end, the range of suitable academic sources for academic papers must include peer-reviewed materiels. It is expected that students will use 4-5 academic books and 2-3 academic (or peer-reviewed) journal articles. Students may also access newspapers, magazines, and web sites, but they are not “academic” sources. The use of internet information is a challenge: web sites change addresses, submerge into other sites, and sometimes simply disappear. A good writer is always considerate of the reader’s needs and provides sound information in a useful manner that gives ample reference to sources. The other concern with internet sources revolves around their accuracy and credibility. It is expected in an academic environment that students will use critical reflection and sound judgment in their choice and use of internet information. While occasional spelling errors or minor grammatical lapses will not affect the overall grade of your paper, many such mistakes will, and grammatically or conceptually incoherent papers will not pass. The main criteria or standards for grading papers are clarity, conciseness, and coherence – the “Three Cs” – although sentence construction, argumentation, and citation comprise a significant part of the overall grade. Students 2 must make backups and/or photocopies of their course work, which can be submitted in the event an assignment or essay is lost. Essays must use the author-date Chicago style of citation. ● essays will be around 2250-2500 words (excluding the bibliography) ● they will be typed or printed, stapled, with a separate title page using a 12-point font and double-spaced sentences ● they will have at least four to five academic books and two to three scholarly journal articles (or other scholarly sources) in the bibliography; students who rely only on nonacademic sources (e.g., web pages) will automatically fail. ● the author-date Chicago style of citation is required. Papers that have neither in-text citation nor a bibliography will receive a failing grade. ● do not use headers or footers in the paper Since research papers are formal assignments, students should use third person pronouns such as he, she, one, and they and eliminate the lazy use of pronouns such as this, that, it, and which. Excessive use of this and it proves that students neither seriously edited their papers nor gave much thought and attention to the presentation of their ideas. Another bad habit is the use of contractions such as it’s, don’t, and you’re. Students should not use contractions in formal, academic papers. ● use third person pronouns such as he, she, one, and they ● avoid the excessive use of pronouns such as this, that, it, and which ● do not use contractions such as it’s, don’t, and you’re The Thesis Statement The introduction needs a thesis statement that communicates your main idea, argument, or position you will prove, defend, or illustrate. It is more than just a statement that explains your goal or objective: the thesis statement is a valuable tool for you to focus and provide direction to your paper. A well-argued paper is one in which your main thesis 3 is stated very clearly. If there is no thesis statement then the paper will not receive a passing grade. Essays should be positional (that is, have a definite but not dogmatic argument), so your thesis statement should be stated clearly and forthrightly in your introductory paragraph. Your next step is to identify the evidence and arguments with which you will support your thesis statement. The main points that will be raised in the body of the essay should be briefly stated in the introductory paragraph so the reader can follow your line of reasoning. Finishing the Assignment Don’t write merely to be understood. Write so that you cannot possibly be misunderstood. — Robert Louis Stevenson, writer Omit needless words. Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts. — William Strunk, Jr., writer and editor Critically assessing your own ideas is one of the most difficult tasks involved in writing a paper. You cannot reply to all objections, but it is possible to consider the main objections to your arguments towards the end of the paper. If you have such objections in the back of your mind while writing the paper then your own arguments will be stronger. To edit your work well you need to see the paper as the reader will; you need to distinguish between what you intended to say and what you wrote. Rigorous editing means the paper will be well organised, well written, and well developed, and thus receive a good grade. Most important of all: take pride in your work and you will derive satisfaction from a job well done. ● for online help with grammar, visit Students must submit their term papers to Turnitin before submitting their hardcopies to the instructor. Those who do not will receive a grade of 0 for the assignment.

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