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Convenience sampling

Question Description

According to Houser (2018), literature review is a critical component of the research process. While reviewing the required article for this week’s discussion one study that I found interesting was the convenience sampling of twelve nurses in a moderate sized healthcare facility in western Canada. This study questioned nurses from differing nursing backgrounds and titles to assess their experiences with patients with delirium. These select nurses were interviewed with open ended questions. The questions that were asked were in regards to their personal experience with these types of diagnosed patients, to see how well they recognized signs and symptoms of delirium, to produce interventions to help aide in patient safety to prevent unwanted harms to the patient. The conclusion of this survey found that the nurses that were being interviewed lacked knowledge and formal education about delirium in older generations. These nurses were also found to have inadequate education regarding delirium in general. The study concluded that nurses can benefit from increased delirium related support (Baker, Taggart, Nivens and Tillman, 2015). In my experience as an ICU nurse, I have seen first hand the effects of ICU psychosis and delirium. These patients need extra reassurance and family interaction if available to help them through these difficult times. To help manage these patient’s when friends or family are not present we do frequent rounding to help alleviate apprehension, anxiety and confusion.

The authors review of the literature presented, supported the research purpose or problem by efficiently addressing a collection of data sources, by grouping and evaluating them for the usefulness of this particular study. The author uses citeable resources to back the data being discussed and provides support for the relevance of the study by using primary sources (Houser, 2018).

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Convenience sampling
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One area of this literature that I found interesting was the number of nurses from front line staff up to those in managerial roles who lacked education in patients with delirium. This was not included in the curriculum for many in nursing science, even though it is becoming a focus for early intervention and prevention.

A search strategy is a well thought out plan to search for information. The search strategy that you will use can help you to break your research question into key words or phrases to help aide you developing accurate results to the research question (Information Literacy 101). There are several decisions to make when choosing a search strategy and a properly phrased question can narrow the focus of the search to encompass the types of information necessary. The strategy that I would choose is the quantitative research method. This method helps to identify variables that embody the characteristics of interest and measure them in a reliable way (Houser, 2018).

This type of strategy will enable me to rule out unnecessary information by having a controlled environment. This strategy eliminates bias, and uses statistical analysis to establish confidence levels so that random errors are ruled out. By using scientific knowledge, conclusions can be made based on objective data that has been reviewed and verified.


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