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Complete your individual, final project by you received from the Term Project

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I used $80 to get this one started, will pay more later. I had more after I drove Uber yesterday and when I did an Instant Transfer to my bank, they screwed up so will have $148 “in 3-5 business days”. So I drove again today and made $86 and transferred that. Will drive again tomorrow, Sat and Sunday.

Also it says the due date is tomorrow (they are usually Sunday-no idea why this is Friday) but just do what you can by Sunday.

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Complete your individual, final project by you received from the Term Project
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Thanks. Last one will be submitted Sunday due by Friday.

Term Project: Final Submission Instructions


For this milestone, you complete your individual, final project by incorporating the feedback you received from the Term Project: Gap Analysis (attached) deliverable and adding the following requirements to form your Term Project: Final Submission deliverable.

Materials Required

To complete this deliverable, you will need the following materials

  • This document
  • Microsoft Word
  •,, StarUML (, PlantUML (, or Microsoft Visio


Begin with the document you submitted for your gap analysis and revise that document based on the feedback provided to you by your instructor. Add to your revised document the following information:

  • In a new section entitled, “System Design”, write a 2 to 3 page description of how the applicable actors will utilize the proposed system to automate the TO-BE process.
  • Provide a UML Use Case diagram representing the key interactions that your proposed system will have with the actors involved in an appendix.
  • Provide a minimum of 5 use case scenarios chosen from the use cases modeled in the use case diagram in an appendix.
  • Write a 1 page executive summary that would provide a good overview of your project and insert this summary immediately after your title page.
  • Write a 1 page conclusion that properly summarizes the work done in this project and place before your appendices.

Package the information above into a single Microsoft Word document. Note that you will need to copy and paste your diagrams into Word. Your document must be formatted with proper APA formatting and use proper citations for the references used. Be sure that your deliverable also includes a references page. Your final deliverable must be 12-15 pages in length, excluding the title page and diagrams. Submit the completed Word document via the appropriate submission link in Blackboard.

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