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What do you learn when working in a cancer unit?

Working in a cancer unit, I have learned that no matter what treatments, or surgeries doctors choose, unfortunately a lot of the time the cancer wins. However, as a nurse I have learned that even though I am unable to make a difference in their overall diagnosis outcome, I can make a difference in their care and well being by using evidence based practice. For example, I found that our unit has the highest CLABSI rate compared to the rest of the entire hospital. So clearly we are doing something wrong, and we need to find that problem and fix it. Our patients are already going through enough and it’s up to us as BSN prepared nurses to implement EBP in the clinical setting to protect our patients from these unnecessary and preventable infections. Making changes over time based on evidence is necessary in order to keep up with our continuously changing health care. BSN prepared nurses understanding of EBP across patient care gives them the unique ability to act as partners with other health professionals and to lead the improvement and redesign of the health care system (IOM, 2010). The first way I will continue to integrate evidence is by staying up to date with the changing health care system. It’s important to be aware of the changes going on outside of our work environment because the can make all the difference in your practice. I feel that nurses tend to get “comfortable” in the way they practice nursing. However, nursing and the health care system will continue to change and we must keep up with those changes. Second, I will make sure that I advocate for the nurses in our workplace by always asking questions, and requesting that our unit receives continuous training in changes occurring out in the nursing world. 


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What do you learn when working in a cancer unit?
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Institute of Medicine (2010). The Future of Nursing: Leading Change and Advancing Health. Retrieved from

Josphina Chavara 

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Re:Topic 10 DQ 2

When an EBP is utilized by a nurse, he or she knows that the EBP stems from the result of trials, experiments, tests, routine examinations, and best practices that took a closer examination on the results and the intended results. The BSN-prepare nurse is confident that the EBP utilized is not something that comes from random ideas put together; it is the result of tried and true procedure that improves upon and evolves the nurse’s understanding of what treatment/medication/action works best for the patient currently. Furthermore, the EBP goes through several rigorous sets of eyes to see its role in improving healthcare. According to the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing (2013), for EBP to be successfully adopted and sustained, it needs to be supported and adopted by “individual care providers, microsystem and system leaders, as well as policy makers.” In doing so, the EBP must also be regulated and approved on a federal, state and local level.  The EBP is a testament of stability, reliability, and effectiveness, so BSN-prepared RNs are able to provide a level of care that comes with a form of elevated awareness on best practices and procedure for the patient. This author plans on using the best possible system of care for her patients, and in doing so will provide EBP-supported actions from the moment of patient admittance. I already have a reputation with my patients for having a relatable and comfortable presence, and my work colleagues are aware that I am a strong supporter of using the latest known treatments for my patients.The other plan I have it to ask my fellow nurses to embrace EBP and challenge them to bring their own EBP that they feel passionate about and bring it in to the workplace as considerations for work. The biggest obstacle for something like this would be nurses who would feel like EBP is a waste of time unless they’ve been explicitly directed by the nurse manager or a doctor. In a way, I can understand their hesitance; the safest thing to do in an industry that is rife with mistreatment and clinical error is to simply only act when directed. The other main obstacle is time, as in the time needed to train nurses to be familiar with the EBP. However, EBP’s strength comes from its proven roots and authenticity, and therefore it would only make sense to convince nurses of how it improves their impact as a nurse and changes the lives of patients for the better. Reference: The Impact of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing and the Next Big Ideas. (2013, May). Retrieved from

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