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Health Promotion and Wellness

Health Promotion and Wellness  

Health Education in the Community  

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Health Promotion and Wellness
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Community and group communication  

Review the attached PowerPresentations. Once done answer the following questions:

1.   In your owns words and using the appropriate evidence-based practice reference please define health promotion and wellness and give some examples.  Mention at least two health issues and how they could be addressed through both professional health promotion and personal health promotion. What is the difference in the approach? How does each approach contribute to the desired effect?  

2.  Should health insurance companies cover services that are purely for health promotion purposes? Why or why not? What about employers? What are the pros and cons of this type of coverage?  

3.  What do you think about the role of integrating nursing with faith? Do you feel is appropriate? When is it appropriate? In what types of settings do you feel this would work best in? Do you feel all nurses should integrate faith in their nursing practice? Why or why not and how?  

4.  In your own words and using the appropriate evidence-based references please define groups and identified and describe at least two groups in your community.  Why do nurses need to know about group dynamics and how to work in a group?    

– APA format word document, Arial 12 font, attached to the forum tab in the discussion board titled “Week 4 discussion questions”.  

– A minimum of 3 evidence-based references no older than 5 years.

– A minimum of 600 words is required (excluding first and last page).

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