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Describe some advantages of Telehealth


Introduction and Conclusion 4

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Describe some advantages of Telehealth
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Introduction and Conclusion

Enrique Cateriano

Written Communications II

Jennifer Haber

West Coast University



Telehealthcare can be described as the integration of technology into the aspect of trying to improve the delivery of health services to the people. This particular aspect employs a number of aspects that help in enhancing health via the aspects of public health, health education and also via the aspect of trying to deliver on the aspect of health education. Telehealth is conquering the healthcare sector and nursing homes should be on the frontline to incorporate Telehealth services in their daily provision of health care to the community. Telehealth touches on various perspectives that are important and very crucial when it comes to the aspect of public health. It is clear that telehealth is an essential aspect of the healthcare system and should be embraced fully and from the definition, it is evident that the benefits of telehealthcare outweigh its shortcoming and thus it is wise to adopt it in the advancement of technologies.

This paper seeks to look at the relationships between telehealth and nursing home by trying to answer the question is telehealthcare a good option for nursing homes?

The paper will describe some advantages of Telehealth that may also apply to nurse homes once Telehealth services are incorporated in the homes’ healthcare provision. Some of the advantages and benefits that will be included in this part are a reduction of costs, reduction of mortality rates in nursing homes, overcoming healthcare provision challenges, and improving wellness and quality of health care to patients served by nursing homes (Edmondson, 2017). In addition to this, it will also analyse the physicians and nurses who operate in nursing homes or facilities since they are expected to be the final executers of Telehealth in nursing homes. Physicians and nurses offer healthcare services to patients and cannot be exempted from the research paper (Wicklund, 2018).


In conclusion, it is crystal clear that the benefits of telehealthcare outweigh the shortcomings and thus this particular aspect should be embraced and be fully integrated into the health care system, therefore it is evident that the benefits of telehealthcare outweigh its shortcoming and thus it is wise to adopt it in the advancement of technologies


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