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Becoming a Good Leader

Becoming a Good Leader

NSG 4029 Week 1

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Becoming a Good Leader
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To become an effective leader, a lot of traits are required. An active leader must have the passion for a cause that is bigger than their personality. An individual with a dream and a vision that will improve the lives of the society or at least a section of the community. To be a strong leader, some qualities must prevail. Such as self-confident, plasticity, intellectual capacity, and heedfulness are some of the useful traits of a strong leader. To me, to become a strong leader, I have to incorporate these traits to become an effective leader (Northouse, 2018). However, in order to achieve this, I need to implement the following tips on my daily life activities considering the different types of leader style.

Understanding first of all the leadership style I am using right now it will be the first step. Evaluating and understanding my current leadership style is essential. Asking myself, I am a good leader? Find areas that need to improve. A quiz for a leadership style it could be a tool for me to use to define how a good leader I am and at the same time it will help me how to improve and be a better leader (Goleman, 2014). After getting the answers to these questions, then I have to understand the primary characteristics of my dominant style of leadership. After determining which areas need to improve I can start working on the ability to be a better leader.

Transformational leadership motivates one another to the same level. Followers like me, I have to encourage myself to encourage my creativity. To become an active leader, I need to proffer new difficulties with sufficient help keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish my objectives. One way I can use to improve my creativity is by offering a test to my gathering individuals, ensuring that the targets are inside the grip of their capacities. The reason for this activity is to extend myself to my full utmost, however, doesn’t end up debilitated by hindrances to turning into a fruitful pioneer. Another critical tip that can help me to become a successful and effective leader is to serve as a Role model. Transformational leader must represent the practices and characters that they support in their devotees. They ought to have the capacity to walk the walk and talk the discussion. Subsequently, my gathering of individuals can respect me as a leader and work to imitate these practices. For me to improve as a leader, I need to take a shot at demonstrating the characteristics that I might want to find in my colleagues.

Another tip that can help me in improving as a leader is by being energetic. Incredible leaders are not merely centered on getting a bunch of individuals to complete an undertaking; however they should have an honest to useful energy and excitement for the activities they deal with. This is something I should copy in turning into a decent and compelling leader. I need to tell individuals that I think about their advance. When one individual inside a gathering imparts remark individuals from the gathering, I need to disclose to them that I value their commitments. Another tip that I must put into consideration in my journey to become an effective leader is by listening and communicating effectively (Kim, & Mauborgne, R2017). This is another important quality to becoming an effective leader. I need to concentrate on furnishing one-on-one correspondence with my gathering individuals. A decent leader should express genuine tend to the individuals from their gathering both verbally and nonverbally strategy for communication. By keeping my lines of correspondence open, this can empower my gathering individuals to feel free and ready to make commitments and get acknowledgment for their separate accomplishments.

One needs to comprehend the different ways to deal with initiative, so one can utilize the correct approach for their circumstance to end up an extraordinary pioneer. One method for doing this is to take in the center initiative hypotheses. In this paper, we are going to discuss the trait theory which I feel the best suit my leadership style. This attribute theory contends that great leaders share various fundamental identity qualities or characteristics (Northouse, 2018). This theory expresses that initiative is an inborn, natural quality that somebody either has or need. Thankfully, to me, I don’t believe in this idea since I have been able to learn more about what I can do to develop my leadership qualities in becoming an active leader. However, none of these traits or any specific combination of these traits will guarantee someone success as a leader; effort must be put to place to become a good leader, something which I have in me in becoming a good leader.

Leadership and management always complement each other. Someone with excellent leadership skills can manage him or herself and at the same time leading others. One must be able to evolve him or herself to lead better and be able to motivate others to accomplish your company’s goals. Someone with good leadership skills is able to lead in conflict resolution in the workplace (Goleman, 2014). Having good leadership qualities, one is able to explore the origins and consequences of workplace conflict and helping in fostering an environment of communication and resolution.

Time management is a standout amongst the most cosmically colossal battles that individuals look on the day by day substratum. As a medical attendant, this is an impressive proficiency that we should secure to circulate compelling consideration. Time management isn’t vital for coordinating multi-day or a schedule; withal it is of essential centrality for prioritization. Time administration accompanies self-discernment, center, and organizing, central leadership, objectives, and stress administration, among others. Also, nursing schools were much focused where time administration was the most sizably expansive issue either to give you a chance to pass a class or to come up short it. Presently, I do trust that time administration runs as one with identity attributes. “You can just lead others where you are slanted to go.”How do I deal with my opportunity? I am continually refining designs and objectives, and like some other arrangement of care; I have here and now goals and long haul objectives. I am that sort of individual that relishes imagining the day in advance of how things will be executed on the following day.

I require organizing as indicated by the patients’ need as well as also with the time that will take me to get to them. This can be testing too due to not generally things will have culminated the way I coordinated them. In any case, I usually attempt to give, so I don’t put weight on the patients that are I am dealing with or me. Using the ideas took in this week; I would savor proposing in my work environment to have a session where individuals can show their advantage subjects so we can see better the method for celebrating of an individual and furthermore distinguish their characteristics and administration styles. This subject (leadership and cultural diversity) could be a superb asset to improve learning and to take the way things can be outwardly and seen to the following level.

In conclusion for the nursing perspective, I will jump at the chance to become a nursing democratic style leadership I worked with some of them in past and presently the Director Of Nursing for the facility I am working now that her style. I believe is magnificent as a representative influence feel to welcome that your opinion considers in making facility decisions. This style as the outcome of a more happy employee and as a result more patients fulfillment.


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