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Teachings gained while working on the surgical floor

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Teachings gained while working on the surgical floor
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Reflection Narrative 1

Working on the surgical floor brings various teachings on varied issues like intraprofessional collaboration, new practice approaches, health policy, leadership, ethics, technology and other concerns. In this weeks practice, the importance of intraprofessional collaboration became apparent in conducting complex surgeries. Essentially, it is important for health care practitioners to collaborate in surgical processes to provide patients with optimum care. Critical to collaboration is ensuring that team dynamics occur without hindrance through proper management of the team. Furthermore, it is important for team members to learn from each other given their diverse experiences and fields of expertise.

Ethics remains a critical part of healthcare practice, especially in a major institution. During surgeries and other associated processes, healthcare practitioners take various measures to ensure ethical practice. Ethics safeguard the patient’s wellbeing, the position of the healthcare provider and the overall image of the healthcare institution. Without ethics, it is apparent to violate the patient and the profession. Therefore, healthcare institutions should safeguard the position of ethics in promoting fair medical practices.

Leadership determines the course of action during surgical procedures. Critical in any institution is developing a leadership strategy that promotes fairness in healthcare. The leadership must recognize the needs of patients, healthcare providers and consultants. Moreover, leadership institutions in the hospital should remain accessible to all parties within the institution. Proper leadership often promotes high quality healthcare, reduces patient mortality and improves the workplace envionment in which healthcare professionals operate.

Another critical issue recognized during surgical practice is the role of technology in improving healthcare. Technology plays a crucial role in surgery and makes it easier to provide optimum care to various patients. However, there is need to safeguard the medical profession from obliviousness arising from the growth of medical technology. For example, it is rare to find young healthcare practitioners that understand traditional techniques used in medicine before the onset of various technologies. Technology should never replace the healthcare provider but should serve a complimentary role in patient care. The experiences in surgery create a challenge to learn more, especially from experienced healthcare providers. It sheds light on the importance of good leadership, ethics, technology and collaboration in providing optimum patient care.

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