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Prepare a journal on personal knowledge and skills you have gained

Students are required to maintain weekly reflective narratives throughout the course to combine into one course-long reflective journal that integrates leadership and inquiry into current practice as it applies to the Professional Capstone and Practicum course.

In your journal, you will reflect on the personal knowledge and skills gained throughout this course. The journal should address a variable combination of the following, depending on your specific practice immersion clinical experiences:

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Prepare a journal on personal knowledge and skills you have gained
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  1. New practice approaches
  2. Intraprofessional collaboration
  3. Health care delivery and clinical systems
  4. Ethical considerations in health care
  5. Population health concerns
  6. The role of technology in improving health care outcomes
  7. Health policy
  8. Leadership and economic models
  9. Health disparities

Students will outline what they have discovered about their professional practice, personal strengths and weaknesses that surfaced, additional resources and abilities that could be introduced to a given situation to influence optimal outcomes, and finally, how the student met the competencies aligned to this course.

Surname 1

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Reflection Narrative 2 Nursing in the surgical floor is critical in providing patients with care before, during and after surgery. Additionally, the role of a surgical nurse also involves providing support to other healthcare practitioners like surgeons and aestheticians. Serving as charge nurse in the surgical floor comes with various responsibilities that require excellent leadership and management. A charge nurse must assign duties to nurses on the surgical floor to ensure efficiency in the department. Furthermore, the charge nurse plays a critical supervisory role to ensure that nurses perform their duties optimally. Lack of guidance from the charge nurse can cause chaos within the surgical department especially when patient care becomes compromised.Nursing in surgery requires professional collaboration among various healthcare professionals to achieve a common goal. Therefore, nurses often work with other professionals and assist during surgery. The charge nurse plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the collaboration is efficient and works in the best interest of the patient. When conflict arises within the surgical team, the charge nurse plays a critical role in meditation and conflict resolution. Furthermore, nurses look up to the charge nurse to manage teams and promote cohesion in the work.Healthcare provision is essential in surgery, especially during and after surgery. Particularly, the recovery stage after surgery requires input from nurses. Care provided to patients post-surgery must meet high standards of healthcare to promote quick recovery. The charge nurse has the responsibility to ensure that nurses provide adequate post-surgery healthcare to all patients. The charge nurse is the custodian for all nursing practices in their department. Therefore, they must supervise nurses to ensure they employ best practices in their work; take due care and put enough effort to ensure patients recover. Furthermore, the charge nurse should recognize the skills possessed by other nurses and suggest areas that require additional training to improve performance.Experience during the exercise showed that the charge nurse plays an important role in leadership, management and coordination. The nurse is a mediator that brings together all professionals collaborating in the surgical process. Furthermore, they provide leadership to the nursing team in the hospital.

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