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Discuss the five realms to address to complete a thorough assessment.

Question 1Points: 2.00
Discuss the five realms to address to complete a thorough assessment.
Question 2Points: 2.00
State the three distinct phases of the interview process
Question 3Points: 2.00
: What are the five elements that make up the nursing process, and what nursing actions are needed for each?
Question 4Points: 1.00
The process of ensuring the accuracy of assessment data
Question 5Points: 1.00
The product of the clustering of cues and data
Question 6Points: 1.00
Question 7Points: 1.00
Makes a goal measurable.
Question 8Points: 1.00
The idea that an outcome can be consistently evaluated.
Question 9Points: 1.00
The phase of the nursing process that involves establishing goals, outcomes, and interventions.
Question 10Points: 1.00
There are three parts to the nursing diagnosis for this type of problem.
Question 11Points: 1.00
A problem that is likely to develop.
Question 12Points: 1.00
Problems that require a multidisciplinary approach.
Question 13Points: 1.00
Statements about strengths.
Question 14Points: 1.00
A list of standard nursing diagnoses
Question 15Points: 1.00
This step follows the prioritization of nursing diagnoses.
Question 16Points: 1.00
The collection of objective and subjective data.
Question 17Points: 1.00
A series of complex, purposeful steps in planning care.
Question 18Points: 1.00
Medical Diagnosis is a Health issue that can be prevented, reduced, resolved, or enhanced through independent nursing measures
Question 19Points: 1.00
THREE-PART NURSING DIAGNOSIS includes a Problem + Etiology + S/S
Question 20Points: 1.00
Through the nursing process nurses can apply the knowledge, experience, judgment, and skills, as well as established standards of nursing practice to the formulation of a plan of nursing care.
Question 21Points: 1.00
This process is the framework for the practice of nursing.
Question 22Points: 1.00
The assessment process is best described as a process in which the nurse _________________.
Question 23Points: 1.00
A nurse is admitting a patient who is confused and lethargic at times. The patient’s family is at the bedside. The nurse obtains information from the family regarding the patient. This type of data is considered:
Question 24Points: 1.00
Components of the nursing diagnosis consist of the following:
Question 25Points: 1.00
A “possible” nursing diagnosis is utilized when:
Question 26Points: 1.00
Nursing diagnoses are ranked in order of priority of the patient’s health and safety issues. Which of the following nursing diagnoses would be of highest priority?
Question 27Points: 1.00
Nursing interventions are:
Question 28Points: 1.00
Clinical pathways are a _____________ plan that schedules clinical interventions over an anticipated time frame.
Question 29Points: 1.00
During the evaluation phase the nurse should make one of three judgments regarding the desired outcome. These judgments regarding the outcome are:
Question 30Points: 1.00
Case management is the assignment of a health care provider to a patient so the care of that patient is overseen by one individual. This individual typically is a(n):
Question 31Points: 1.00
A formal plan of care for common and predictable problems.
Question 32Points: 1.00
What term best describes the nature of the nursing process? 
Question 33Points: 1.00
A disoriented patient is admitted to the hospital accompanied by his spouse. From whom should the nurse collect subjective data on this patient? 
Question 34Points: 1.00
Prior to identifying accurate nursing diagnoses, what action must be taken by the nurse? 
Question 35Points: 1.00
A nurse admits a 5-year-old female to the postanesthesia unit following a tonsillectomy. The child is crying. What should be the nurse’s first action? 
Question 36Points: 1.00
Which statement is a correctly written example of an actual nursing diagnosis? 
Question 37Points: 1.00
Which long-term goal is written correctly?  “
Question 38Points: 1.00
Which body is responsible for defining and disseminating information on nursing diagnoses? 
Question 39Points: 1.00
The statement “ongoing collection of data” best describes which phase of the nursing process? 
Question 40Points: 1.00
Which statement illustrates the most measurable outcome indicator? 
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Discuss the five realms to address to complete a thorough assessment.
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Outcomes process

Management process

Nursing process

Assessment process

orients the patient to the environmen


collects information and analyzes da

collects data and reports data to the

collects subjective data and reports





title, definition of the title, related facto

medical label, risk factors, and chara

nursing interventions, evaluation, and

Goal setting

label, definition of the problem, and o

there is no other option.

a problem is feasible

a problem arises and there is a poss

there are no problems or complicatio

Deficient knowledge related to disea

Ineffective breathing pattern related t

Impaired skin integrity related to imm

Ineffective coping mechanisms relat

broad and general statements.

steps to complete the evaluation pro

nurse selected or prescribed actions

part of the nursing diagnosis.





managed, timely, or accurate.

accurate, concise, or patient-centere

achieved, not achieved, or partially a

reasonable, timely, or achieved.



insurance agent.


nurse practitioner.





An experienced nurse on the unit

The patient

s medical record

Nursing diagnosis

The patient

s wife

His physician

Reading the patient

s history

Setting realistic, measurable goals

Comparing evidence-based practice

Clustering related patient data

Tell the child that if she stops crying,

Check to see what pain medication i

Notify the surgeon of the child

s post

Assess the child to determine why sh

Impaired memory related to patient c

Risk for injury related to stumbling wh

Activity intolerance related to imbala

Ineffective health maintenance as ev

Patient will remain afebrile throughou

Patient will return to professional spo

Nurse will prevent bone infection thro

Patient will demonstrate accurate us

North American Nursing Diagnosis A

International and American Nurses A

Individual State Boards of Nursing

The Joint Commission



Demonstrates dressing change

Shares innermost thoughts

Understands instructions

Shows personal remorse

Collaborative problem




Wellness diagnosis

Actual problem

Potential problem

The nursing process

Critical pathway

Collaborative problem

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