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Analyze key factors in the current health care professional workforce shortage.

Homework assignments are to be written in a Q & A format. This is different from the short application papers that must be in APA formatting. However, it is imperative that with all answered questions where the student uses another author’s concepts, statistics, numbers, or graphics that the source be both cited and referenced. All references should be complete and in APA formatting. Please make sure your name, date, and assignment name is on your homework.

There is no approved length for your answers. Your answers should be succinct and appropriate responses to the questions asked. Paraphrasing the homework questions in your answers will help ensure that you will answer all parts of each question.

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Analyze key factors in the current health care professional workforce shortage.
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  1. Workforce

Analyze key factors in the current health care professional workforce shortage. Select at least three of the factors and discuss. What are some effective strategies to address these specific shortages? What do you feel are some solutions?

  1. Health Care Paradigm

In fee-for-service, providers’ price services to cost. In managed care, providers cost to price. Explain this paradigm. Analyze how managed care and this paradigm has impacted relationships among providers, payers, and patients in the U.S.

  1. Access to Care

What is health care access? Why is it so important to measure access to health care? How may access statistics be used to improve health care services and processes?

  1. Continuum of Care and the Integrated Delivery Systems

What is the significance of a fully integrated delivery system (IDS)? Describe its development in terms of horizontal and vertical integration. Describe its development in terms of the limited health care premium dollar. What is its impact on customer satisfaction? What are the implications for managing risk?

  1. Mental Health and Long-Term Care

What are the commonalities of mental health services and long-term care? What are the challenges both areas of care continue to face today and in the future?

  1. Pharmaceuticals

Explain the importance of the pharmaceutical industry in health care. What is the health care administrator’s role as a liaison with the drug company representatives?

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