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An experience with new technology and better ways of dealing with burn cases

Running head: NARRATIVE 10- BURN UNIT 1


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An experience with new technology and better ways of dealing with burn cases
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New practice approaches

An experience with new technology and better ways of dealing with burn cases, treatment is quite fast and easy! Unlike the traditional way of airway maintenance, the new way that follows the ATLS guidelines enables the nurse to have a definitive airway maintenance as well as ventilation monitoring.

Extraprofessional collaboration

The burn unit required a great deal of collaboration between different medical practitioners in order to achieve quick recovery and optimum treatment results. With the airway and c-spine protection, monitoring the heart rate and blood pressure would require different physicians to acquire optimum results.

Health care delivery and clinical systems

With the Airway with C-spine Protection, different procedures and systems collaborate together to produce the best treatment results. Assessment of breathing, circulation, disability and exposure worked well with the clinical system each stage was important in contributing to the greater good.

Ethical considerations in health care

When it comes to Airway with C-spine Protection, Improving access to care, Protecting patient privacy and confidentiality are paramount. Building and maintaining strong health care workforce, Marketing practices and Care quality helps the unit achieve quality care.

Population health concerns

In the Airway with C-spine Protection, the section has the mandate of providing quality and convenient care. These help to improve the workability of the hospital system in general.

The role of technology in improving health care outcomes

When accessing the Airway with C-spine Protection, use of technology proved to be important especially when inspecting for singed nasal, facial and eyebrow hairs.

Health policy

Definitely, health policies serve as important ways through which the burn unit could provide quality healthcare. I did notice this when it comes to ensuring that each patient gets the most out of treatment they undergo.

Leadership and economic models

At the burn unit, it is almost blatant that leaders are responsible and are economical in their decision making. This is evident by the efficient allocation of resources.

Health disparities

Different patients come with different conditions. However, it is the function of the nurses to do all they can to ensure that their patients get well.

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