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Reflect on how you have grown in the qualities, skills, behaviors, and knowledge required to function as a patient advocate.

• Reflect on how you have grown in the qualities, skills, behaviors, and knowledge required to function as a patient advocate.

• Reflect on how your BSN experiences have improved your abilities to practice high quality care, assess and evaluate patient outcomes, and provide leadership in improving care.

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Reflect on how you have grown in the qualities, skills, behaviors, and knowledge required to function as a patient advocate.
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• Reflect on the role of the BSN-prepared nurse in public service.

• Reflect on your aspirations to facilitate change and foster innovation to improve the health care system.

• Write coherently to support a central idea with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a nursing professional.


When a child in the elementary school is asked what they would like to be when they grow up, they will list professions such as engineering, doctors, among others. Most say so because of how the society says those professions are well paying, how the professionals in the mention fields are regarded with respect and praises. The children are made to believe that the careers are the best and easy to join when one studies hard. The truth of the matter is that the professions require more than just academic paper. For instance, for one to be a doctor, they must have skills in interacting with different people without offending them and also, they must be strong and brave to handle the extremely sick people. In nursing, one has to have excellent communication skills, professional skills including but not limited to knowledge and behavior and public service delivery services.

The experiences needed for one to be a professional nurse are not taught when one is pursuing his or her associate nursing degree. Therefore, it will be of importance for one to join a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN) program. The program is given as a four-year program in most universities and colleges. Researches have shown that clinical experiences for nursing students are stressful. Some of the factors that cause stress to the students include worries of making an error that would cause harm to a patient, lack of skillful knowledge, difficulties in interacting with colleagues and patients in a healthcare setup, among others. To gain some of these experiences, a registered nurse can enroll in a BSN program. An advantage of the program is that one can continue to work as a nurse as they take the program.

Competency 5

Competency 5 focusses on communication skills that a person gains when they enroll in a BSN program. The unit focusses on how a nurse should communicate professionally in the nursing profession. Among the skills a person gains in this competency level are the language and tone, one is supposed to use under different situations in the career, the vocabulary to use when interacting with colleagues and patients, among others. Once a person understands the skills, they will be able to communicate to any person in the healthcare system effectively which translates to high-quality healthcare, accurate and successful assessing and evaluation of patients’ outcomes and provision of incites in leadership skills that will improve healthcare.

Competency 9

Competency 9 point of convergence is the professional role the nurses have. In this competency level, a nurse is made to understand the professional role that is expected of them in a healthcare workplace. They are taught how to incorporate knowledge, skills, professional behavior, among others. For example, a nurse is taught how to assess and evaluate the symptoms that a patient will explain to them. They are also taught how to know which questions are relevant to ask a patient. This competency level boosts on the knowledge that a registered nurse had from the associate degree they have.

Competency 10

Competency 10 core focus is the global accountability and public services. In this competency, the registered nurses are made to understand what their purpose is on the healthcare system. For example, some of the roles the nurses have on the health care system is to provide health care services to patients as individuals or families in order to prevent illnesses, promote healthy living and cure of diseases that the patient’s contracts. They are taught that they are to be held responsible for any complication a patient experiences because of something they did or did not do. Therefore, the competency level 10 helps the healthcare service providers to give quality health care to the patients.


As a registered nurse who is working in a healthcare provider organization, one can be able to note a few things that are not going on as they are supposed to or some which need to be improved. One of resource that every person working in a healthcare organization should value and maximize is time. A second can save a person life or ruin a patient’s person. Therefore, people working in healthcare organizations should be given enough breaks to rest so that when they are on duty, they can concentrate and save time. To improve healthcare systems, I would like to give personalized health care service to every patient whom I serve by going through their health history record before seeing them.

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